Benefit Brow Gel: Gimme Brow

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The award-winning Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel contains microfibers that help give your brows a natural, full, and defined look. This product comes with a small brush that helps tame, volumize, and apply the gel on your brows cleanly.

Overall I really like this product despite a few minor inconveniences. It makes my brows look much fuller in a natural way and stays on without smudging the entire day. It took me some time initially to understand how I should apply it to get the perfect look, however once you understand and get the feel for this gel, its very much worth it!

Benefit Brow Gel: Gimme Brow Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • You really have to take some time and trial and error to apply it the right way to get the best look for your brows
    • Decide for yourself the right amount of pressure to apply for the look you desire which might take some time
  • Very pricey for the size- worth it for me but might not be for others
  • It dries quickly so you don’t have much time to blend
  • The brush gets clumpy which can make it harder to apply

Best Qualities:

  • Defines and volumizes brows- noticeable difference
  • Long-wearing- stays on brows all day without smudging
  • Buildable- Perfect for both a light/casual makeup look or a full-face night out look depending on how many layers you apply
  • Very natural looking
  • Includes a tiny brush- easy to apply on smaller areas
  • Weightless- doesn’t feel like anything is on your brows
  • Fills in patchy spots perfectly
  • Water resistant
  • Oil and sweat proof
  • Wide range of colours- 8 shades
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