Fenty Beauty Instant Retouch Primer

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The Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer diminishes the appearance of pores and absorbs shine leaving your skin smooth and matte and allowing makeup to stay on the entire day. This oil-free primer gives your skin a blurring and seamless finish.

Personally, I found that this product worked very well on my skin, covered up my pores, made my skin feel smooth and soft, and made my makeup last longer through the day. However, the effectiveness of this product depends a lot on the type of skin you have. Luckily it reacted with my skin in a positive way so I have a great impression and review of it, however, I don’t think everyone will feel this way so read what I have to say below and consider your skin type before making a decision!

Fenty Beauty Instant Retouch Primer Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Disclaimer: Everyone has different types of skin that will react with this product in different ways!
    • I would not recommend this product for all skin types, I’d say it works best on people with either unproblematic, combination, slightly dry, or slightly oily skin. If you have extremely oily or dry skin I think it might help but not for long and it definitely wont have the same affects as it might on someone with a less extreme skin type
  • Packaging is not great- not very sturdy and difficult to tell how much is left in the container

Best Qualities:

  • Gives skin a soft matte and slightly illuminated finish
  • Controls oil and shine
  • Helps prevent makeup from creasing and transferring
  • Long-lasting- you do not need to use much for it to be effective
  • Long-wearing: prevents makeup from melting off and helps it last much longer even in very hot and humid weather
  • Lightweight- doesn’t have a heavy feel to it
  • Transparent colour once blended
  • Does not leave any residue
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