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Review by Athena Gerasoulis

I received a variety pack of six individual Freeman Facial Masks, for the total of $8.99. Face masks can suck your wallet dry, so I was particularly excited to discover a product that could be universally used. I also liked that they had a bundle that came with various different types of masks; a lot of people have combination skin, so just investing in one type of mask may not be as efficient. These colorful Freeman packets came in both clay & gel, all in aesthetically pleasing blues and pinks and pale greens, with information printed on the front, describing the scents, simple steps, and skin-type specialties per package. 

I involved my mother in this; this is real life, and we all are different ages and skin types, so both of us partaking in this gives the review more authenticity. Plus, we hardly see anybody but young, edited perfect-skin teens in commercials. Over the course of the week, my mother did the following masks:

  • Rejuvenating: Cucumber & Salt Mask Clay (Pictured)
  • Hydrating: Glacier Water and Pink Peony Gel Mask
  • Detoxifying: Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask

The photos are from the process of her using the Rejuvenating Clay Mask, and the after-results; this was the main mask that we did see results with, and it reflected her general opinion on the masks. I did the remaining ones:

  • Clearing: Sweet Tea & Lemon Clay Mask (Easy-Peel)
  • Deep Clearing: Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil
  • Anti-Stress: Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask

My mother is super into skincare, and she loves her masks. She uses masks from designer brands, pearl-extract and gold-infused, fancily advertised products. She has been doing skincare for years; she has never had a problem with acne, but has struggled with textured skin, spotting, and loss of elasticity. She agreed to use one of the Freeman masks in replacement of her original routine for a few days, and I talked to her during each application. The most feedback I got was during the Rejuvenating: Cucumber & Salt Clay mask, in which I captured visually and verbally.

Freeman Masks: Criticisms & Best Qualities

The majority of the masks were some kind of clay. The clay was thick and generous, which she enjoyed. And the scent of each of the masks were distinct and potent; however, for the Rejuvenating Mask, though the application was easy and comfortable, her eyes began to water and sting, so she had to close them throughout the ten minute process. The scents for the other ones were not as potent, but she was still sensitive to them, even though she had entirely avoided her eyes. I experienced this too, with the Anti-Stress: Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask; she was right, the scents were pleasant, but many of the masks, made of clay specifically, made our eyes somewhat uncomfortable and water a bit. This sounds bad, but honestly, it was never painful. For a lot of them, after a little bit of eye watering and blinking, these effects shortly stopped.

The pro of scent potency is that you also smell quite nice & refreshing post-mask removal. It also means that the ingredients were generously distributed. For all the masks, her skin felt comfortable; no stinging & no uncomfortable tightness that comes with a lot of clay masks. These were thick enough to do the work without crackling all over. The Rejuvenating Mask was the favorite, as well as the one that made her eyes water a bit; considering that her extracts included salt, and my favorite one had pepperminty qualities, it makes sense. For the singular gel mask, Hydrating (a less sharply scented mask), she applied with ease and didn’t mention any discomfort, which made sense. Freeman Masks smell wonderful, but depending on who you are, definitely try several different types out to see what works best for you; they all had beautiful results, at such a low cost. Freeman Masks made of gel may be better for you over mud masks, or you may love the potency of the scent and not be bothered at all. The best thing about Freeman is that it was effective despite the tiny con, and since it’s so affordable, it’s one of the best brands to not commit and alternate between types, for a sleepover, a gift to others, or to actually use nightly once you’ve found your favorites through the sample packets. Once identifying the kinds you like, you can actually buy the larger bottles of that specific mask and use over a long period of time. 

The Rejuvenating Mask, once washed off with warm water, made a huge difference in my mother’s skin. Her skin looked cleansed, less aggravated, & smoother. She glowed, which I even saw the next day, as well as a tightening of pores with a single use. A lot of facial masks don’t work unless applied over time, which isn’t bad. But the results were quick: the hydrating mask was easy to wash off, and her skin, though originally not dry, immediately had a healthy sheen to it. The Detoxifying Clay mask, once rinsed off, truly looked like it had taken all the flaking skin and impurities of the day off, the black sugar having exfoliated any dead skin away; her skin looked simply so much cleaner and less textured. She overall was super happy with the instant (and lasting) results; as someone who uses luxury branded items & often spends money for professional treatments, she admitted that the effectiveness of the masks were essentially the same. 

For me, I’m younger with a history of acne, dermatitis, & just flaking skin. To not have any of these conditions anymore and simply wash my face in the shower or with a wipe was fine. The week I used these, I was super stressed, and was reminded of the self-care aspect in applying each mask. My favorite one, Anti-Stress, sat on my skin with a cooling sensation; my eyes watered a bit, but only for a few seconds upon application. The scent was calming and the cooling factor released the tension I had in my jaw. Washing off the clay masks, which would have been seen as a waste of time in my past, felt soothing and nice. Warm water, clearing off bright turquoise clay, to reveal a less inflamed, more glowy face was indicative that Freeman Masks were something worth purchasing; the next day, some bumps I had been picking at due to stress had essentially vanished. The Clearing Mask was also pleasant, and I was so happy to have the Detoxifying Mask, which had two very important skin products: manuka honey and tea tree oil. I was surprised to see such items; I’d used to buy the ingredients separately in-stores, and apply them one after the other. Tea tree oil is antibacterial & healing, attacking any impurities on the skin, while manuka honey is luscious and non-oily, hydrating the skin while not causing breakouts. Using them packaged together both saved me time & money. 

Why Choose the Freeman Masks?

For me, I did see changes in my skin, but the self-care factor had changed my view on Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful variety pack that came in the mail. Readily prepared & simple with no budgeting stress, the masks gave me a time every night to look at my skin, see what stress & neglect did to it, and heal the damage, fighting stress inflammation & giving me back that plump glow I had in high school. For my mother, who already had a skincare routine that was very time-consuming, she replaced with these masks for the week & her original lotion, and with the combination of both, her skin almost looked porcelain. We both got what we wanted out of these masks: results, little side effects to our sensitive skin, & mental comfortability. Freeman Masks are diverse, universal, affordable; every person buying them will encounter a mask just for them. I plan to continue using Freeman’s Anti-Stress mask once I realized it was just what I wanted. So now it’s your turn to play around, forget about budget stressors, and have a little fun in finding a Freeman Mask that makes you feel beautiful. 

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