Sigma Spa: Express Brush Cleaning Mat

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This compact silicone brush cleaning mat easily and effectively removes makeup, oil, and bacteria giving brushes the deepest clean. It is deigned to fit every sink size, and with 7 different textures, it is ideal for cleaning brushes of any size.

This is my favorite and go-to brush cleaning mat. It works like a charm and really will cut the time you usually spend cleaning brushes in half, I recommend to everyone!

Sigma Spa: Express Brush Cleaning Mat Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • I only wish this came in a few other sizes because unlike the description stating that it is perfect for any sink size, it definitely isn’t as convenient for all. It did cause water to splash around a bit in my sink

Best Qualities:

  • Makes brushes last much longer and apply makeup easier and faster
  • Large surface area and a variety of textures which make cleaning brushes much easier- takes me half the time it usually does
  • Easy to swirl brushes over and get into bristles to really get all the product out
  • Affordable and saves you money you could be spending on getting new brushes more often
  • Washes off liquid foundations very well
  • Contains firm suction cups

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