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Makeup Product Reviews
Eye Makeup: click here to browse reviews of recommended eye makeup products
Includes: Mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascara primers, eye primers
Purposes: Mascaras are worn to enhance eyelashes by defining, darkening, lengthening, or thickening them. Eyeshadows are worn to make eyes stand out by making them appear larger than usual, enhancing eye colors, adding dimension, and adding depth to them. Mascara primers can have 2 purposes, they can be used under mascaras to enhance them, separate and volumize eyelashes, and diminish clumping; or they can use keratin to increase the amount of real eyelashes and lengthen existing eyelashes. Eye primers are used to make sure eyeshadows and eyeliners stay on the entire day without creasing.
How to use: Click here to learn how to correctly apply mascara, here for eyeshadow, here for mascara primer, and here for eye primer
Companies featured: L’Oreal Paris, Too Faced, Thrive Causemetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay
Concealers/Foundations: click here to browse reviews of recommended concealers and foundations
Purposes: Concealers are usually thick and are used to cover up dark under eye circles, pores, blemishes, or age spots. Foundations are usually very buildable and have many uses including covering your complexion with an even shade which helps cover any imperfections or alter your skin tone. They can also provide benefits such as moisturizing your face or protecting from the sun.
How to use: Click here to learn how to apply concealer correctly and here to apply foundation the right way
Companies featured: bareMinerals, Tarte, Clinique, Fenty Beauty, Glossier, Becca Cosmetics
Contour/Blush: click here to browse reviews of recommended contour and blush
Includes: Contour, blush, bronzer, highlighter
Purposes: Contouring is a way of altering or enhancing the look of your facial structure by creating shadows with makeup. Contour is usually used along with blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Blush is worn to add a flushed rosy color to your cheeks, bronzer gives your face a sun-kissed or tanned look, and highlighter make your complexion look much brighter and glowy while enhancing your cheekbones.
How to use: It is very good to know exactly how to apply these types of products since it is slightly more complicated so click here for a thorough tutorial.
Companies featured: Benefit Cosmetics, Wander Beauty, Fenty Beauty, bareMinerals, Tarte, Glossier
Primers/Setting Sprays: click here to browse reviews of recommended primers and setting sprays
Purposes: Makeup primers are worn before makeup and can have many purposes such as smoothing/blurring your skin, making your makeup last longer, evening out your complexion, mattifying your skin, brightening your skin, minimizing the look of imperfections, and more. Setting Sprays are worn after you apply makeup to allow your makeup to stay put, hydrate your skin, or prevent makeup from caking.
How to use: Click here to learn how to coreectly apply primers, and here for setting sprays.
Companies featured: Benefit Cosmetics, Morphe, Smashbox, Fenty Beauty, Urban Decay, Tula
Eyebrow Makeup: click here to browse reviews of recommended eyebrow makeup
Includes: Eyebrow pencils, pomade, markers, gelsprimers
Purposes: Eyebrow pencils are used to define eyebrows by precisely filling them in with color, pomade is great for sparser eyebrows and looks very hairlike and natural, markers have very precise pointy tips and allow a much lighter hand to use, gels are usually clear and are applied after all other eyebrow products to secure eyebrows in place, and eyebrow primers are worn with other eyebrow makeup to define the look of your brows.
How to use: Click here to learn how to apply eyebrow pencils, here for pomade, here for markers, here for gels, and here for primers.
Companies featured: Benefit Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nyx Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Glossier
Lip Makeup: click here to browse reviews of recommended lip makeup
Includes: Lipsticks, lip liners, lipglosses, lip balms, lip stains, lip plumpers
Purposes: Purposes of lipsticks are to make lips stand out with color and also have other benefits such as conditioning and protecting the lips. Lip liners are worn with lipsticks to make lips appear bigger and alter the shape by filling in or over-lining the outer areas of lips. Lipglosses make lips look glossy and give a hint of color, lip balms moisturize and protect lips, lip stains absorb into lips to enhance their natural tones with color, and lip plumpers give lips a much more full and plump look by swelling the lips up.
Companies featured: Fenty Beauty, Yves Saint Laurent, Too Faced, Charlotte Tilbury, Fresh, Nyx Cosmetics
Makeup Brushes & Tools: click here to browse reviews of recommended makeup brushes & tools
Includes: Makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, beauty blenders, and more
Purposes: Makeup tools are very helpful to apply makeup products. There are many types of makeup brushes that are used to apply, blend, and evenly distribute foundation, blush, contour, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, and eyebrow makeup.
How to use: Click here for a tutorial on how to use makeup brushes the correct way
Companies featured: Beauty blender, BH Cosmetics, VG Vogcrest, CoastalScents, Sigma Spa, Tarte
Skincare Product Reviews
Skin Serums: click here to browse reviews of recommended skin serums
Types of skin serums: anti-aging, antioxidant, hydrating, and colour correcting
Purposes: They penetrate deep in the skin and contain a range of purposes such as fighting fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating the skin, and protecting the skin against free radical damage. 
How to use: Serums can be used after cleansing your face or under moisturisers, click here to learn how to properly apply skin serums
Companies featured: Physicians Formula, The Ordinary, Nuva Skin, Glossier, Peter Thomas Roth, Herbivore
Moisturising Products: click here to browse reviews of recommended moisturising products
Purposes: Moisturising products have many purposes such as hydrating the skin, preventing the skin from drying out, giving the skin a smooth appearance, and replacing oils in the skin
How to use: Moisturizers are usually applied at the end of your skincare routine before going to bed or under makeup, click here to learn how to correctly apply them
Companies featured: Elizavecca, RoC, Glossier, Sunday Riley, Botanic Spa, Herbivore
Facial Cleansing Products: click here to browse reviews of recommended facial cleansing products
Purposes: Facial cleansing products have different purposes such as removing bacteria, dirt, makeup, oil, dead skin cells, helping unclog pores, and preventing acne
How to use: Click here to learn how to properly apply facial cleansing products
Companies featured: Tula, Murad, EltaMD, CeraVe, Fresh, Biore
Exfoliating Products: click here to browse reviews of recommended exfoliating products
Purposes: Different purposes of exfoliating products include removing dead skin cells, preventing dry and flaky patches of skin, brightening skin, preventing clogged pores, and increasing the production of collagen in the long term. Collagen promotes skin elasticity, minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and makes your skin glow
How to use: Make sure you really understand how to safely and properly apply exfoliating products by clicking here to watch a tutorial
Companies featured: Juice Beauty, Glossier, Youth to the People, Acure, Tula, Murad
Facial Oils: click here to browse reviews of recommended facial oils
Purposes: There are various types of facial oils that contain many different purposes for every skin type. Facial oils are filled with nutrients that help build flexible skin. Afghan oil and vitamin E oil are suitable for any skin type.
For dry skin: Facial oils best for dry skin should be hydrating such as argan oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and maracuja oil
– For oily skin: Oils can actually help oily skin by balancing the overall oil production of your skin, minimizing pores, and getting rid of any excess oil on your face. Facial oils that are recommended for oily skin include camellia flower oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and macadamia oil.
– For acne prone skin: Tea tree oil works wonders on acne prone skin and vitamin C oil helps with skin scarring.
Anti-aging oils: Facial oils contain antioxidants which strengthens the skins elasticity, boosts collagen production, and prevents dehydration which all help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and keep the skin plump. The best anti-aging oils to use are rosehip seed oil and aegean oil.
– For sensitive/damaged skin: Many facial oils can help protect and restore damaged skin with antioxidants that fight free radical damage and reducing cellular oxidation. Oils such as primrose oil, argan oil, yangu oil, and vitamin E oil help reduce rashes and soothe the skin while protecting against the sun.
How to use: To use facial oils add 2-3 drops to a serum or moisturiser, click here to watch a tutorial
Companies featured: Youth to the People, Sunday Riley, Biossance, The Ordinary, Josie Maran, Go-To
Face Masks: click here to browse reviews of recommended face masks
Purposes: There are a variety of different types of face masks that have different purposes including hydrating, drying, brightening, fighting acne, soothing, clarifying, and many more
How to use: Click here to learn how to apply face masks correctly
Companies featured: Origins, Youth to the People, Peter Thomas Roth, Glossier, Teami
Facial Toners: click here to browse reviews of recommended facial toners
Purposes: Facial toners are used prior to cleansing and moisturising your face. They quickly absorb liquid which helps remove excess dirt, makeup, and oil, helps control acne by cleaning pores, and balances your skins pH measures
How to use: Apply toner to your face by either spraying it on your face or using a damp cotton ball, allowing it to dry, and following up with a moisturiser, click here for a tutorial
Companies featured: Mario Badescu, The Body Shop, Olehenriksen, Amorepacific, Paula’s Choice, Heritage Store
Hair Product Reviews
Shampoos: click here to browse reviews of recommended shampoos
Purposes: cleansing, volumizing, clarifying, straightening/smoothening, colour treating, and damage protecting/repairing
Companies featured: TRESemme, Dove, L’Oreal Paris, Clairol Professional, Amika, Neutrogena
Conditioners/Hair Masks: click here to browse reviews of recommended conditioners and hair masks
Purposes: Hair smoothening, detangling, moisturising, controlling frizz, volumizing, and damage protecting/repairing
How to use: Click here for a tutorial on the correct way to apply conditioner, and here to see how to apply hair masks properly
Companies featured: Coco & Eve, Bumble & bumble, L’Oreal Paris, TRESemme, Aveda, Oribe
Hair Oils & Serums: click here to browse reviews of recommended hair oils & serums
Purposes: Different purposes of hair oils and serums include controlling frizz, adding shine, stimulating hair growth, and giving your hair a luxurious look
How to use: Click here to see how to apply hair oils and here for hair serums
Companies featured: Olaplex, The Body Shop, L’Oreal Paris, Viabrance, Briogeo, OGX
Hair Sprays: click here to browse reviews of recommended hair sprays
Purposes: Different purposes of hair sprays include protecting against heat, giving texture, boosting shine, providing hold, setting styles, taming flyaways, and volumizing
How to use: Click here to learn how to apply hair spray most effectively
Companies featured: L’Oreal Paris, Bumble & bumble, Aveda, Matrix, Oribe, TRESemme
Hair Mousse: click here to browse reviews of recommended hair mousse
Purposes: Different purposes of hair mousse include volumizing, providing extra lift, styling, and defining curls
How to use: Click here for a tutorial on how to correctly apply hair mousse
Companies featured: Shea Moisture, Herbal Essences, Aveda, TRESemme, Kenra, Giovanni
Curl Enhancing Creams: click here to browse reviews of recommended curl enhancing creams
Purposes: Different purposes of curl enhancing creams include providing texture for straight hair, enhancing natural curly hair, and controlling frizz
How to use: Click here to learn how to properly apply curl enhancing creams
Companies featured: Bumble & bumble, Aveda, Sun Bum, Moroccanoil, Quidad, Redken
Hairstyling Tools: click here to browse reviews of recommended hairstyling tools
Includes: Hairdryers, straightening and curling irons, hairbrushes and combs, scissors, hair rollers, clippers, elastics, and headbands
Companies featured: Aveda, L’ange, Alure, Revlon, Remington, ULG
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