Gold Bangles: Product Review

Photo By Athena Gerasoulis

Fesciory’s Gold Bangles- Product Review

By Athena Gerasoulis

Bracelets are my favourite category of jewelry to review, because I have many braided ones that represent relationships with those around me or rubber band bracelets from events or experiences that have greatly impacted my life. Of course, many of these are not what I’d consider fashion or professional jewelry.  Whenever I got dressed up & did my makeup for more professional events, it still felt like I was missing something. The idea of trying to find expensive pieces of jewelry, having them match, allocating certain pieces to certain looks, losing them… let’s just say that felt like too much trouble to go through.

Photo by Athena Gerasoulis

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About the Multi-layer Handmade Gold Bangles:

The Fesciory Gold Bangles arrived in a package, and I was so excited I took it out and just slipped it on ASAP. The gold color was perfect, not oversaturated like a lot of cheaply painted costume gold. They were a soft gold, almost rosy in certain lights. They felt comfortable, unlike a lot of bracelets that bother me, with metal irritation; the interior was layered with high quality leather, soft against my skin. These were double-layered bangles, intertwined together unlike other bangles (which slip and slide everywhere) into a generous stack of delicate rosy-gold loops. Whenever I got dressed, whether it be casual (crop top & jeans) or more professional (full black dress), the gold bangles matched either looks, as long as the looks were somewhat put together themselves (not the best for pajamas, sweats, pure workout gear). 

Most of the jewelry in my life, I ended up losing or putting back in the drawer because it was impractical for me to wear. The magnetic clasp was perfect for me; we’ve all had those moments where we’re having fun, dancing and hugging and swinging around, and we check our wrist or neck, and our jewelry is just gone, because chain jewelry is somewhat drapey and loose, with unsecure hook clasps & delicate chains. For these gold bangles, the magnetic clasp made it so easy for me to take off & on, while staying securely around my wrist. I also work a lot with my hands: dishwashing, drawing, painting, photography. Other jewelry would constantly shift and swing on my arm or have dangling charms that I’d constantly have to readjust. The firmness of this bracelet kept it secure against one part of my arm, not riddled with dangly adornments. Personally, it is something I can always keep on my wrist without disruption, up until now as I am writing this review.. 

Fesciory’s Gold Bangles Cons:

There were very few cons, but I’d say they were some easily preventable. The first was that the double-stack was beautiful; however, because they were so delicately looped together, the individual loops would get kind of tangled or caught on each other; in this case, I just took the bracelet off and had to spend time re-arranging them bangle by bangle. Lastly,  I wore the bracelet for almost a month; I take hot showers, my hands are always in soapy water, or cleaning with strong chemicals. I began to see little spots of pigmentation peeling and dull spots of rust. I would suggest taking the gold bangle off during some of those activities, especially during showering; this is somewhat of a no-brainer, so this would just be something I’m pointing out to people like me! 

Why Choose the Fesciory Gold Bangles?

For someone who is always on the go, on a budget, and wants a piece that can enhance a variety of looks, this bracelet is perfect. The bangles are delicate & complementary per outfit, a little pizazz to your school outfit OR a statement piece on with your ladies night out. I encourage everybody to try out Fesciory’s Gold Bangles: designer-quality, light-weighted, and a  perfect on-the-go piece for last-minute events, with just a snap of the clasp. All of this, for something under ten dollars, I find a rare & amazing find.

Where to purchase these Gorgeous Gold Bangles?

Click here to purchase Fesciory’s multi-layer handmade gold bangles online.

Photo by Athena Gerasoulis

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