3 Barrel Curling Iron

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Alure’s Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand will give your hair long-lasting natural, professional, and beachy looking curls. You also have the option to crimp or create waves in your hair if you feel like changing up your look. This curling iron is suitable for people with short, long, thick, or thin hair. This will leave your hair looking beautiful, soft, shiny, and frizz-free in a matter on minutes.

Im in love with this curling iron and strongly recommend for any hair type! Once you get the feel for how to work this it is the easiest and fastest process ever and truly gives you hair the perfect desired look that stays all day.

3 Barrel Curling Iron- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • It takes some time and trial and error to get the perfect feel for this
    • At first you will have to take some time to figure out the perfect temperature for your hair

Best Qualities:

  • Creates beautiful beach type waves and curls that are nice and soft
  • Does not make you lose any length to hair!
  • Gets hot very quick and curls hair fast
  • Great for thick long hair and thin straight hair
  • Curls and waves stay all day
  • Very natural looking
  • Blends layers in very well
  • Perfect size- not bulky
  • Easy to use
  • High quality

3 Barrel Curling Iron- Other Reviews

“I love this triple barrel waver for the beach waved look I wear all year long! It has a temperature gauge so you don’t have to have it super hot. Also has a kick stand so it doesn’t burn your counter tops. I recommend on the top pieces of your hair to flip the curling wand to have the flat part on top instead of the three barrels this gives me more of a not so puffy look”

“I was amazed at how quick this curling iron heats up! Its really easy to use and does the job very quickly also. Its like using a flat iron but you dont put much work into it and you dont have to press too hard so your hands dont get tired easily. One thing I notice is that my hair looked and felt very soft and silk after which I wasnt expecting at all. It also doesnt cause demage to your hair and the curls stay for a very long time. Also, the cord is extremely long so you are not stuck in one spot the whole time your working on your hair. I think its excellent and would highly recommended it to others.”

“I saw this product in an instagram and figured I would try it out because it’s only $30. Literally the best $30 I’ve spent. The wave this tool gives is a amazing and it doesn’t frizz. I would highly recommend.”

“I really love using this wand , easy and fast! You get really nice waves ! I try to avoid heat in my hair but this is great for special occasions ! I would recommend this !”

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