Aveda: Phomollient Styling Foam

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Aveda’s Phomollient Styling Foam will give your hair weightless volume and body. This is ideal for people with fine to medium hair. The air-infused technology makes this much healthier for your hair and the environment without hydrocarbon propellants. This will leave you hair looking super shiny and voluminous without any build-up or weighing down your hair.

I absolutely adore this styling foam! It does exactly what it promised making my hair look exactly like the pictures shown on Aveda’s website. It leaves it feeling so soft and natural looking and doesn’t feel sticky at all. I highly recommend.

Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • The only slight inconvenience is that it does leave a small amount of residue

Best Qualities:

  • Truly gives hair volume making it look much more lifted and full
  • Leaves hair feeling so soft, healthy, and looking natural
  • Makes hair much more manageable
  • Not heavy or greasy
  • Doesn’t make hair feel tacky or sticky
  • Perfect for people who have wavy hair
  • Natural healthy ingredients
  • Long lasting hold- supports hair style all day
  • Gives hair amazing texture
  • Subtle light scent
  • Easy to use

Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam- Other Reviews

“I’ve been in a battle with my hair since I was about 13, when puberty struck and turned my fairly straight hair into a wavy mess. No matter how I cut or layer it, it can be an absolute disaster depending on the humidity level and temperatures outside. I’m a figure skater and I work full-time. I start my day at 5 a.m. so I can be on the ice to train by 6 a.m. Fast forward to 8 a.m. I have about 5 minutes to get dressed in the rink bathroom so I can go straight to work, which means no heat, no styling tools, but most of all–no time to mess around. My sport requires me to pull my hair into a pony or bun, and no matter how well I’ve flat-ironed it the night before, I still have waves and frizz, but not the flattering ones you see in the magazines. Phomollient is a life-saver. I massage it through my dry hair, finger comb it to frame the waves around my face, and go. This product can literally take an absolutely unmanageable bush of hair and make it look semi-decent. Some people even compliment my hair–I think they’re crazy, but their hair is perfectly straight at all times. If you have slightly wavy hair that never seems to curl correctly no matter what you do–or slightly wavy hair that can’t stay straight if your life depended on it, buy this product. I’ve been using it since I was in high school (20 years now) and let’s just say, I hope Aveda doesn’t discontinue it”

“So I’ve tried pretty much everything to give my short, coarse hair some help, and have finally hit on the magic combo. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, used as a leave-in and topped with two pumps of Phomollient, works like a charm. I tried the travel size of this first before investing in the full sized container, hoping it would not be joining the rest of the bottles of every brand imaginable in the hair product cemetery in the bottom of the bathroom closet. This foam is great. It provides style support without being sticky, gummy or stiff. Gives my hair great texture and has a mild scent (unlike Confixor and others from Aveda). This is a keeper. I ordered two bottles during the 20% off sale, which is even better!”

“I absolutely love this product and used it for many years before I went vegan. At the time, it contained honey, and I very sadly stopped buying it. But now honey has been removed from the ingredients! I can’t tell you how excited I am because this is a fabulous mousse. I have very fine hair and every other mousse I’ve tried either weighs it down (and makes it even flatter) or makes it crunchy. This is the ONLY one that adds volume and shine without making my hair feel gross.”

“I can’t live without this since I have started using this over a year ago . I was given a gift from a sweet friend who works at Aveeda att M V Mall for my birthday. She gave me this knowing I struggle with thin hair due to thyroid issues . I can say that since using my friends and neighbors notice a difference , my hair looks fuller as this adds volume by lifting your hair up not making your hair heavy . I bring it to my hair dresser when getting my hair colored as I love the added height I get vs laying flat . Thank you to my friend for giving me one of my favorite birthday gifts that keeps on giving !”

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