Benefit Brow Primer

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This nutrient-rich conditioning eyebrow primer will give your eyebrows a healthier and fuller look by priming and conditioning them with the help of key ingredients such as soy proteins and keratin. You can wear this primer on its own to condition brows or with any other eyebrow products to enhance them.

I’ve had this product for about a month and I found that it really does show effective results of eyebrow growth and thickness! I also love how it styles your brows in place. I only wish it was either priced lower or had more product in the container because it was expensive and is running out pretty quickly, otherwise great product!

Benefit Brow Primer Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Not long-lasting
    • the amount of product is too small for the price
  • It usually takes me a while to get the product onto the brush at first- I have to twist the end of the tube a couple times before it comes onto the brush
  • Disclaimer: this product and products similar to this one are not for everyone- it will not work if you don’t have the hair follicles there to begin with
    • It enhances, grows, and thickens the hair follicles that are there, it does not grow new ones

Best Qualities:

  • Boosts eyebrow growth- results are noticeable!
  • Makes eyebrows look thicker and fuller in an instant
  • Nourishes and moisturizes brows
  • Keep brows styled in place
  • Perfect size to carry around- convenient for reapplying wherever you are
  • Enhances other eyebrow products
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