BH Signature Rose Gold- 13 Piece Brush Set

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The BH Signature Rose Gold 13 Piece Brush Set will take care of all your makeup applications in an efficient way with each brush containing bristles that allow for use with powders, creams, and liquids. The brushes in this set apply makeup in a precise and professional manner which help shape and define facial features creating beautiful looks.

This is one of the best makeup brush sets there is, it includes pretty much every brush you need for a daily makeup look, is overall super high quality, and the brushes are soft, firm, and blend beautifully.


  • The only brush this set left out is a foundation brush
  • The quality of the flat top brush is a little cheaper- it has a small surface area and isn’t dense enough
  • I would prefer if the eyeshadow brush handles were heavier

Best Qualities:

  • Super high quality and pretty brushes
  • Brushes are the perfect balance of softness and firmness (most brush sets are either too dense or too flimsy)
  • Amazing price for a complete set that includes every basic brush you need for everyday makeup
  • Each brush is very soft and sleek, has a long handle, and holds product well
  • Easy to clean brushes
  • Blends makeup very seemingly
  • Includes a high quality brush holder
  • Does not shed
  • Bristles are fluffy
  • Great set for beginners
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