Bumble and Bumble Conditioner

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This Super Rich conditioner will give your hair the moisture it needs every day. It will soften, detangle, and give your hair a beautiful bounce. This conditioner is ideal for any hair density, texture, and type.

I really like this conditioner, it leaves my hair feeling nourished and moisturized, and looking super soft and silky. It also makes my hair much more manageable throughout the day especially in more difficult temperatures. I never have problems with tangles or frizz when I use this, definitely recommend!

Bumble and Bumble Conditioner Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • If you have extremely curly thick hair this might not be the best detangling product to use
    • You might want to use an additional detangling hair product with this conditioner
  • Pricey

Best Qualities:

  • Very nourishing and moisturizing
  • Leaves hair feeling and looking soft, silky, and shiny
  • Makes hair texture and tangles much more manageable
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Doesn’t make hair greasy
  • Doesn’t weigh down hair
  • Doesn’t leave residue
  • Minimizes frizz
  • A little goes a long way
  • Makes it easier to style hair
  • Great for oily scalps
  • Lightweight
  • Nice rich texture
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