Glossier Moon Mask

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Glossier’s Moisturising Moon Mask is an incredibly hydrating and creamy mask that is suitable for every skin type. It is infused with key ingredients such as sweet almond oil, hyluronic acid, plant-based squalane, honey, aloe, lemon fruit extract, and licorice root which help boost the skins hydration, reduce the look of fine lines, even out the complexion, brighten, and soothe the skin.

I love this mask, it leaves a really noticeable difference in my complexion after only one use! It makes my skin feel and look extremely hydrated, plump, smooth, and radiant.

Glossier Moon Mask Criticisms & best Qualities


  • Make sure you check the ingredients before you purchase
    • Don’t buy if you have a soy allergy!
  • Texture of mask could be improved

Best Qualities:

  • Very effective and noticeable results
  • Works wonders for acne prone, sensitive, and dry skin
  • Helps with dry patchy and flakey skin
  • Leaves skin soft, silky, and glowing
  • Makes skin feel plump and smooth
  • Long-lasting- a lot of product in the jar
  • Lasts for a few days after use
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts
  • Very hydrating
  • Well-priced
  • Evens skin tone

Glossier Moon Mask Other Reviews

“Hello, I see you sitting behind your screen wondering “should I get the mask, what if it’s a waste of money?” well I am excited to tell your “SAY YES TO THE MASK” it’s fun, it’s soothing, it’s softening EVERYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR. Don’t get me wrong this is MY opinion because I LOVE FACE MASKS, and if you LOVE face masks too you should totally get this face mask!!! Bottom line: SAY YES TO THE MASK!!!!!!!!!”

“i put a thin layer of this mask on and slept in it almost every night and it
helped my skin tremendously. i was having dry patches of skin randomly
and it would flake until i started using this mask.”

“I’m a guy who has started getting really dry facial skin now that the seasons are changing. My little sister is obsessed with the Glossier brand and I was drawn to its emphasis on the natural look, quality, and affordability. It has been difficult for me to find natural moisturizers that don’t cause my skin to breakout. I put this mask on before I went to bed, and was SHOCKED with how baby-smooth my face felt after washing it away–my face was still quenched the following morning. A+ on the marketing as well, the name ‘Moon Mask’ has such a beautiful resonance and the product lives up to and exceeds expectations”

“My skin can be very oily, so i was debating on whether or not to buy this. After reading it can help give a natural even glow, I decided to buy it, and I’m so glad I did! For anyone with oily skin who is wondering if this will make them break out, it definitely does the opposite. Since using it last night my skin is so soft and smooth, and even counteracted the oil a little bit!”

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