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Advice comes from my experience losing 40 pounds in 6 months after years of struggling with being overweight

How to Effectively Lose Weight


Do not try to take on a huge change in your diet if you are not willing to put in the time and effort to stick with your goal!!!
Before you make this decision make sure it is not just a passing mood you are in or a sudden spark of motivation. Losing weight must be a genuine goal of yours and a promise to yourself. Make certain that this is something you are 100% willing to take on for however long you need no matter how hard it might be for you.
This is important because otherwise you could easily give up quickly and get discouraged thinking that you will never be able to lose weight or that you do not have enough self control.


Now you should take the time to fully understand your own body and how it functions in order to make realistic goals for yourself.
Weigh yourself and write it down or even take “before pictures” of where you stand in the beginning of your diet so that you can mark your progression.
Then, calculate your body max index. Once you know your BMI, choose the weight you want to be at. Estimate how long it might take you to get there depending on your metabolism.
Make sure to make mini goals within your ultimate goal weight. For example, if you believe you will be at your goal weight in 6 months, try to figure out the weight you should be at within each month, week, or other week of your diet. This way, if you go above or under your estimated goal after one month of your diet, you can change your future goals to be more realistic.
Keep in mind that you always lose more weight the first week of your diet!!! Do not get discouraged if the following weeks after the first week you are not losing as much.


After you set your diet goal you will need to make a plan of how you will go about accomplishing your goal. You should write all of this down somewhere, I always use my iPhone notes.
Start with planning out a change in the calories and amount of food you consume per day. You will need to cut out a lot of calories in order for your diet to be effective, but don’t go overboard! Figuring out the amount of calories per day you want to reduce highly depends on your BMI and metabolism.
Click here to see my recommendations on how to change your eating habits during a diet in order to continue enjoying the food you eat while losing weight (making dieting a lot easier).
You will also want to plan how you will BE ACTIVE
This is very important in order to lose weight faster and it does not necessarily mean you always have to go to the gym or work out!
A perfect way to burn a lot of calories is walking. Try to walk around as often as you can, you can go somewhere with friends or just take a walk by yourself while listening to music.
Walking is perfect because it is not hard to do and it is relaxing, therapeutic, enjoyable to look at your surroundings, and burns many calories without you even noticing.
If one of your goals is to get a more toned body, working out is definitely something you should do.

Now you are Ready to Start Your Diet!

Tips and Motivation to Help You Achieve Your Goal:

  • Constantly think about and imagine yourself at your goal weight and how you will feel when you achieve it
  • Look at pictures that motivate you!!!
  • Track your progress
  • Watch videos and read about other peoples weight loss success stories
  • Here are my favorite inspiring videos:
  • Know that IT IS POSSIBLE! No matter how many failed attempts you’ve had at dieting, understand that it is 100% possible if you do it the right way
  • Look at inspirational quotes:

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

-Kate Moss
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