Rose Water Spray- Heritage Store Rosewater

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This oil-free rosewater facial toner will gently remove debris and residue, hydrate and refine the skin, and give it a natural healthy glow. With ingredients infused such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerin, raised petal essence, and sodium PCa, your skin will be left super nourished, refreshed, and radiant. It also has anti-aging effects by reducing the appearance of fine lines.

This toner is very effective and truly makes my skin feel very soft, refreshed, and overall clean. It is extremely soothing and gentle so I recommend to anyone with more sensitive skin!

Rose Water Spray- Heritage Store Rosewater Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Makes skin feel a little sticky
    • If you apply a moisturiser after the stickiness will go away

Best Qualities:

  • Very effective- leaves skin feeling super soft and fresh
  • Extremely hydrating
  • Effectively cleans skin and removes dirt and imperfections
  • Amazing for sensitive skin- gentle, calming
  • Feels cool and soothing on face
  • Doesn’t dry out or strip skin
  • Primes skin for other skin product layers- helps serums penetrate the skin deeper
  • Easy to use-light weight spray
  • Doesn’t sting or tighten face or cause irritation
  • Nice scent
  • Balances skins PH
  • Contains excellent healthy ingredients

Rose Water Spray- Heritage Store Rosewater: Other Reviews

“I bought this toner off a recommendation and I was not let down. It lives up to what I expected. It’s hydrating, smells amazing and perfect for every day. I was concerned because I have oily skin but it’s actually seemed to help with keeping it under control.”

“Best toner I have used in my entire life! and I’m not exaggerating. I use it first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up. it does a great job of refreshing my skin. I don’t use a cotton ball or cotton round. I pour this toner directly in my hand. Then I use it again right after cleansing. I think it makes a difference in how you cleanse your skin and what you’re using to cleanse it. If you’re not cleansing properly, this product won’t penetrate the way it’s supposed to. anyway! amazing product. Will buy forever.”

“Happy happy skin! I bought this because I knew I needed a toner when LABeautyologist on Twitter recommended one for everyone’s skincare routine and she specifically said this one would work for most people. It is gentle and refreshing and I use it between each step, as she said, and I can tell that other products like serums and moisturizers work better when I use it! It’s so kind to my sensitive skin and a little goes a long way to pat into the skin.”

“So, I know some toners aren’t really necessary in a routine- but some estheticians say that by balancing your skin PH and adding hydration to your skin, your other products in your routine will be more permeable. The ingredients are simple but perfect!!! Kind of like an essence, it’s a few ingredients that matter the most. Everything adds hydration. yes, like one review said it has Rosa Damescena water, which could cause some sensitivity, but it’s really all about *limiting* your fragrance in your routine. I think the excellent ingredients weigh out the fragrance, which isn’t even that much. Especially for the price! Ever since adding this in my routine it really has helped my face and acne. I am more oily and it really helps me add hydration without adding a thick layer on my face and allows my other serums to go deeper. Just try it!!! You won’t regret it.”

“I have dry, acne prone and sensitive skin. This toner is the best hydrating toner I’ve tried. After applying my skin feels soft. Don’t seem to need anything else, but of course I’m going to apply my serums. Right now I can not apply anything to my now broke out skin. I’m having red, painful cystic acne from a product or 2. So I’ve been using this and a cold pressed Rose hip oil. Can’t seem to apply anything else without the uncomfortable burning feeling. Which I recommend this product for such skin conditions. It feels so cooling and soothing to my painful face. Will definitely buy again.”

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