Loreal Liquid Eye Shadow

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The Brilliant Eyes Liquid Eye Shadow is a beautiful and easily applicable liquid eyeshadow with absolutely no fall-out and 12 shades that you can choose from to customize the look you are going for.

This liquid eyeshadow is my go to choice on a nice summer day when I want a beautiful look without putting much effort or time into it. The colours that I purchased and recommend the most are Amethyst Quartz, Amber Sparkly, Bronze Light, and Precious Lava.

Loreal Liquid Eye Shadow Criticisms & Best Qualities


  •  My only complaint is that without an eyeshadow primer it fades after a few hours unlike what was promised- I would prefer if it was more long-lasting without a primer
    • Clearly an easily solution to this is to wear an eyeshadow primer underneath and it will stay on all day!

Best Qualities:

  • Gorgeous luminous look to the shades
  • Does not dry out, crease, or flake unlike most eyeshadow powders
  • Absolutely no fallout
  • Extremely easy and effortless to apply- it only takes me one stroke and it goes on very smoothly
  •  Does not feel sticky or wet- dries quick on my eyelids
  • High quality pigment- vibrant but subtle enough to wear everyday
  • Never feels heavy or weighs down my eyes
  • Never irritates my eyes
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