Elnett Hairspray

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L’Oréal Paris’s Elnett Satin Hairspray will give you hair a brush-able and long-lasting hold. This humidity resistant hairspray sprays evenly on the hair and leaves it looking natural, healthy, and shiny.

This is overall an amazing and super effective hairspray providing so many benefits and making my hair look amazing! I only wish the smell was different or much lighter.

Elnett Hairspray Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Really horrible smell
    • This is an amazing product function wise but its scent is extremely strong and unpleasant, I would not recommend to those sensitive to strong smells

Best Qualities:

  • Leaves hair feeling so soft, weightless, and bouncy
  • Hair looks very natural, healthy, and shiny
  • Spray doesn’t make hair feel stiff or sticky
  • Allows hair to lock in style lasting the entire day- holds curls very well
  • Does not crunch up hair
  • Very easy to brush through it making your hair look soft!!
  • Doesn’t tangle, snag, or cause breakage when brushed through
  • Doesn’t cause frizz or fallout
  • Very light and delicate feel to the spray
  • Very affordable
  • Doesn’t weight down hair
  • Doesn’t leave any residue in hair
  • Great coverage
  • Tames flyaways

Elnett Hairspray- Other Reviews

“I’ve tried a lot of hairsprays over the years and normally gravitate towards products like Big Sexy Hair Spray ‘n Play harder when I need something to really hold my hair. This sounds ridiculous, but I saw one of the O.C. Housewives using this (and her hair is gorgeous and not stiff at all) so I thought I’d give it a try. WOW. Not only does it hold my hair when I curl it, it’s also totally flexible so I don’t look like I have helmet head. AND, it brushes out completely without leaving residue. And the biggest reason I love this product is becuase I’m a brunette and it doesn’t turn my hair chalky or cause product buildup. If I don’t like my hair after I’ve styled and sprayed it, I can brush through it and all of this product is GONE. No dust, no buildup. It’s like starting from new. It also works great when I straighten my hair. If you run into wintertime static like I do, a few shots of this will keep your straight hair under control. And again, it does it without making your hair look sprayed. I actually liked this product so much that I signed up for the “Subscription” option (auto ship).The one thing I will say is that you want to get the UNSCENTED version of this. I accidentally bought the scented version and the smell was horrible… it’s way too strong and as I’ve seen in many other reviews, it has an “old lady” perfumed scent to it. The smell lasts all day, and if you’re sensitive to scents like I am, the scented version will give you a killer headache. Definitely stick with the unscented version. It still has a slight scent but no more than other hair sprays.”

“I never used hair spray before but I purchased this L’oreal Elnett because living in Florida my hair would frizz very quickly due to the humidity. I needed something to control the frizz while keeping it manageable. I had purchased the Elnett spray that was scented. Although I liked the results, the fragrance was too overwhelming. This hair spray is perfect. It keeps frizz at bay and holds your style without the overwhelming scent. The best part is it doesn’t leave your hair stiff. You can brush it out with no issues whatsoever. I had tried another brand that was unscented and the results were horrible. My hair was so stiff I thought it was going to break off!! The price is also reasonable. This will be my go to spray on those humid days.”

“This hair spray is much superior to any other I have tried. Firstly it smells better than any other hair spray & it still has the same familiar fragrance that I remember from when my mother use to use it. It also feels barely there and as light as a whisper on your hair but keeps it in place all day until you simply brush it away. There is no stickiness or stiffness whatsoever & it also does not dry out or damage your hair. This is a nice large can so it will last me for a few months making it cost effective as I actually need to use less of this hairspray than with other brands. The can also looks beautifully elegant. I simply cannot fault this at all.”

“I love this hairspray. It has excellent hold, but it does not make hair stiff. This hairspray holds a style while allowing the hair to have movement. I really like that this hairspray brushes out of the hair easily. Your hair can be brushed and restyled without washing it. The nozzle on the hairspray creates a fine mist, so it does not blow hair out of place. This hairspray is reasonably priced. I like this hairspray more than many high end brands that cost significantly more. This is an excellent product and I recommend it.”

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