Loreal Shampoo Review

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This shampoo will help repair split ends and dehydrated, dull, weak, and rough hair. This will leave your hair much stronger, energized, silky, and shiny. With ingredients such as ceramide and protein, each strand of hair will be nourished, strengthened, and reinforced.

This shampoo instantly made my hair feel much healthier, stronger, and silky! I recommend to anyone who colours or styles their hair with heat, it really makes it feel and look a lot better.

Loreal Shampoo Review- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Using this shampoo alone might make your hair feel too dry so I definitely recommend pairing it with a conditioner

Best Qualities:

  • Very nice floral smell
  • Feel a difference instantly- makes hair feel and look clean, healthy, hydrated, strong, and silky
  • Nice thick consistency
  • Long lasting- a little goes a long way
  • Reduces flaking
  • Very affordable
  • Great for oily hair
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Lengthens hair

Loreal Shampoo- Other Reviews

“The shampoo + conditioner left my hair looking and feeling better than any professional salon product. I had samples in my product cabinet and decided to try. Wow! Can this product be used for each shampoo or should it be used less.”

I started using Elvive Total Repair about a month ago. I am 62 years old and was about to cut my long hair off because it was dull and brittle. I am amazed at this product. My long hair is shiny and looks healthier than it has in a long time. Thank You Loreal, I can keep my long hair.”

After just one use of this shampoo and the matching conditioner, my hair feels refreshed, renewed, SOFT, and it smells great! Elvive Total Repair 5 gave me my hair back! Thank you so much.”

Saw an ad in the Sunday news about these products and decided to give them a try. I have used the shampoo, conditioner and No Haircut Cream for about three weeks and I have noticed a real difference. My ends always felt thick and you could see the split ends. I was trying to cut my hair only every three months, but the rough, thick ends were challenging. Since using these products, my hair looks and feels great. I brought my flat iron on vacation and haven’t used it yet. Nice to find a product that does exactly as promised!”

I’ve been using this product along with conditioner for years now and it works wonders for oily hair, not that effective for extreme dandruff but definitely prevents it.
I stopped using it for a year because it was pretty expensive to buy a new bottle of shampoo and conditioner every 2 months for hair length (24 inch). But started using heating tools on my hair
EVERY single day for a year and my hair got pretty damaged. So I cut it. Horrible experience lady cut to a shoulder length (I told her to cut to back length since hair was so long).Long story short I looked ugly so used more heat tools to look slightly decent.And only recently decided to go back to old products including the duo shampoo and conditioner.
At first with this shampoo it can make hair feel DRY, that why you NEED the conditioner as well. Fixed my fried hair and actually helped my hair grow in my experience with this product along with OGX MORACCO HAIR OIL. KEEP HAIR HYDRATED AND HEALTHY.”

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