Moroccanoil: Intense Curl Cream

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This curl cream will give your hair beautiful natural looking curls and waves while leaving it shiny and refreshed. It is infused with vitamins and argan oil which work to nourish the hair making it hydrated, soft, and touchable.

I absolutely love this curl cream! It truly enhances my natural wavy hair and leaves it very nourished, soft, shiny, and voluminous. It is also very long lasting, I highly recommend.

Moroccanoil: Intense Curl Cream- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Slightly pricey

Best Qualities:

  • Amazing long term results- makes hair much healthier over time
  • Creates gorgeous shiny curls
  • Makes hair feel and look super soft!
  • Nourishes and adds volume to hair
  • Truly defines curls
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Doesn’t make hair crispy or oily
  • Long lasting
  • A little goes a long way

Moroccanoil: Intense Curl Cream- Other Reviews

“I have 2b/2c (occasional 3a) curls/waves. This cream is great for longterm curls! I used praying hand method to apply and then scrunched it all through my hair. It makes a great, strong cast when drying. If it looks a little greasy don’t be alarmed. Your hair will absorb it all within 24 hours. My hair has NEVER been this soft!!! I have bipolar roots that are sometimes oily and sometimes dry but my hair is like super dry 80% of the time. Not anymore though thanks to this curl cream! My curls have never been so defined and soft at the same time! I also started sleeping on satin pillow case and putting my hair in scrunchie pineapple updo when I sleep so that may also be influencing why my curls last longer. Either way I am so happy with the results! I would recommend this to any newbies trying to find their natural curl/wave pattern. I have just started my curl journey and this is the 3rd cream I’ve tried. So far I love it!”

My long, spirally curls respond well to this cream. The cream is thick so first I rub one pump of it between my hands to spread it out and warm it up. I run it over my hands, through my fingers like hand cream so I can really press it into my hair while bending my head forward. My hair is soaking wet still so I have a towel on the floor. I then comb my hair while my head is upside down and eventually flip my head back and continue combing, finding a part in my hair. This cream helps the wide tooth comb slide through. Those reading this with long curls know the tricks we have to do to manage our hair, but whatever works! This cream seems to absorb the water so my hair is less drippy as I work it in. I apply a second pump of this cream and scrunch and get great curls after it was combed. The curls bounce even more when I scrunch and dry the curls with cotton handkerchiefs. Great stuff!”

“I’m normally a review reader this being my first ever review.. tried many frizz and curl creams oils etc. I have soft frizzy curly hair that changes its mind like the wind. I washed my hair without using conditioner, dabbed with towel (better for frizz) used two small pumps, head upside down, avoiding roots. Then again another two small pumps head not upside down, scrunched curls a little and left to dry naturally. My curls now not only dried without any crisp or oily feel, there is no frizz whatsoever! It feels like I used conditioner but was still able to style after will still some volume. First time using this product. Nearly gave up and started to come to terms with the fact my hair will always be a pain. Highly recommend. A little goes a long way.”

“Game changer for curly (esp. dry) hair. Often I will simply apply this while my hair is wet at night, slip it under a satin bonnet and in the morning what is revealed is flawless, shiny, healthy-looking curls. It holds well but not crunchy or greasy like some other curl creams or hold gels. The ingredients also nourish hair to make it healthier over time. Since beginning to use this – instead of the Deva curl I was using – my hair is thicker feeling and looking and the curl pattern is stronger. Love this. Price is a bit higher but this is one case where I find the results justify it.”

“This is one of the BEST curl creams I have ever used and trust me I tried a lot! This makes my curls sooo soft and is super good at fighting frizz. I bought bumble and bumble curl cream and it does NOT work as good as this. Plus the bottle is bigger and cheaper than Bumble and Bumble. This is highly worth it. I have very damaged and frizzy hair and never seen my curls so silky soft. I use a diffuser to dry my hair (which makes it a bit frizzy) but overall I love this product and it smells amazing.”

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