Oribe: Superfine Hairspray

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Oribe’s Superfine Hairspray is a sheer and modern hairspray that provides hair with a flexible and medium hold. This hairspray is suitable for coloured hair, keratin-treated hair, and every hair type. This will leave your hair feeling and looking super soft, shiny, and brush-able.

This is a really great hairspray that I highly recommend. It is a lightweight mist but holds styles very well lasting the entire day. It also makes my hair look very voluminous!

Oribe: Superfine Hairspray- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • A common problem with this hairspray is that the nozzle sometimes gets clogged which makes nothing come out but it always goes back to normal after some time
  • Pretty expensive

Best Qualities:

  • Leaves hair feeling and looking super soft, shiny, smooth, and full
  • Gives hair great amount of hold depending on how much you spray
  • Amazing smell unlike most hairsprays!!
  • Adds a lot of volume to hair
  • Not sticky of stiff on hair
  • Controls flyaways
  • Lightweight mist
  • Covers entire head
  • Lasts the entire day
  • Doesn’t build up

Oribe: Superfine Hairspray- Other Reviews

“This is a repurchase for me. I typically style my hair in loose beach waves, so the light/medium hold works well for what I’m going for. The super fine mist is what sells this product for me. It gives just enough hold and helps control the fly-always but leaves my hair still feeling like soft hair. And the smell is great too. I hate when hairsprays smell like a bottle of alcohol. Like other reviewers mentioned, I’ve experienced a couple times where the nozzle gets clogged and nothing comes out (hence the 4 stars). And it must get clogged deep down because I never had luck just rinsing the nozzle with warm water like I’ve done with other hairspray bottles. But then I go to use it the next day and it’s working good as new. I’m not exactly sure what the explanation is, but I’ve never had it clogged permanently, which is why it was worth the repurchase”

“This product would be an everyday staple for me for the scent alone. If you’ve ever smelled oribes products you know what I mean. The mist on this spray is luxurious and the hold depends on how much of it you use. The reason it isn’t a staple for me is because it’s unbelievably expensive and there are products that do the same thing for less money. I can’t justify constantly repurchasing an overpriced hairspray when it isn’t life changing. With that being said I still purchase once in a blue moon as a treat and use on special occasions because the scent is truly worth it”

“I have tried various sprays over the past year, looking for something that provided hold but not sticky or stiff. Even used an organic brand, but still had not found the right one. I love this spray! It provides medium hold and is absolutely not sticky or stiff. The smell is amazing. I am also using the Royal Blowout on my hair before I dry it. Love this line of products!”

“Hands down Oribe offers the absolute best in hair products. This hairspray is very fine sprays generously over entire head and does not leave a sticky feeling. Lasts all day. I use this after using the Oribe texture finish spray which really gives intense volume to your hair. My hair is fine and straight so after styling I need a hair spray that keeps my hair in place. Have over the years purchased so many hair products. Since finding this brand which btw covers the entire gamut my search has stopped. I use Oribe from Shampoo to hairspray, the Oribe oil is fabulous for giving hair a shiny appearance you use only a few drops and massage into semi dry hair.”

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