Redken: Curvaceous Curl Refiner

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Redken’s Curvaceous Curl Refiner is a primer that will refine and define naturally wavy and curly hair. Formulated with moringa oil, sugar crystals, and a UV filter, this will leave your hair moisturized, frizz-free, manageable, and with beautiful waves/curls.

This is a really effective hair primer that I recommend to everyone with wavy or curly hair. It smells really nice, has a nice creamy texture, and never weighs down my hair. This is very long lasting so it is worth the price, people with dry hair will love this as it is super nourishing and moisturizing.

Redken: Curvaceous Curl Refiner- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Since it is only a primer make sure you use other products over it for best results

Best Qualities:

  • Gives hair nice definition
  • Enhances natural waves and curls
  • Doesn’t make hair feel greasy, hard, or sticky
  • Makes hair manageable
  • Moisturises hair
  • Makes hair feel super soft
  • A little goes a long way
  • Controls frizz
  • Smells great
  • Texture is creamy
  • Lasts through the whole day
  • Doesn’t weight down hair

Redken: Curvaceous Curl Refiner- Other Reviews

“Ladies its a PRIMER not to be used alone, it says right there in the directions. Like a face primer you still put product over it. My hair is long mid back length 2c/3a mix, you only need a little, like a quarter amount. Think of it as a thicker leave in with some hold. I’ve used this alone to air dry it so i didnt have to blow dry and just flat iron later, it makes my hair soft. I didn’t mind the hold after the air dry, i know if i used more it would be greasy or to heavy but i used another product intended for hold like mousse or a gel it would look great. Def helped with the frizz halo effect. So far i’m loving this def helped my hair”

“I can’t rave enough about this stuff! I was looking forever for something for my daughters ringlets curls. If I don’t wash it I wet her hair, use a detangler that has some conditioner, use a wide tooth comb and then I coat her hair with this. Then I rake it through. After I’m done she’s more than willing to hang off the couch so I can scrunch it with a t-shirt. I never could have imagined how much this would help her hair! And we both love the smell. It is a little strong. But I’m totally okay with great smelling hair! Below I’ll show a before and after!”

“THIS is my HG product for my naturally curly hair!!! Most days I only use this product and let my hair air dry, and let me tell you, my curls have never looked so soft and managed. I wish I had found this product sooner. It keeps my hair soft and doesn’t weigh my hair down. Sometimes I do add some anti-humidity gel and/or hair spray on rainy days but otherwise just need this and don’t want to ever be without it!!!”

“I’ve had a perm in my hair for about 3 years now& my hair is about down to my butt. So, naturally, there’s some areas that are SUPER damaged& just don’t curl right… I’ve also had problems with the hair on the under-side dredding really bad (from moving my head side-to-side). I’ve tried everything, including putting more conditioner in after my shower& it always dreds, no matter what. Not only does this product prevent that, but it actually keeps my hair totally detangled for days!! It also works for keeping alcohol-based curl products (like mousse, or the Redken “Wind Up” spray) from making my hair crunchy (which i HATE because it makes tangles so much worse!) 10/10 the ultimate curl care product”

“I have wavy hair, but it isn’t excessively wavy. More like a wave here, straight there, wave there. My hair isn’t very thick either, but I have a lot of it. I use about two quarter size dollops on my whole head and then dry it with one of those toothy diffusers. I end up with gorgeous beachy waves that last up to two days. Yes, I sleep on it and it still looks good the next morning. It doesn’t make your hair cruncy or greasy, I can run my fingers through it and the waves still hold. I can’t live without this stuff. I use it 2-3 times a week.”

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