Travel Heated Rollers

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Remington’s Compact Ceramic Roller Set includes 5 medium and 5 large hot rollers that will create long lasting curls, add volume, control frizz, give your hair a super healthy looking and shiny finish. This is perfect to store or travel with and will not cause creasing.

This is an amazing set of compact rollers. I recommend to anyone who desires curly hair but doesn’t feel as comfortable using too much heat. I also love how it comes in two different sizes, I highly recommend!

Travel Heated Rollers- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Takes some getting used to

Best Qualities:

  • Creates effortless loose shiny curls
  • Velcro pouch heats up very quickly!
  • Can be used for large or medium curls
  • Curls last a long time in hair
  • Super light weight and compact rollers
  • Doesn’t cause any damage
  • Doesn’t make hair frizzy
  • Great size for storing or traveling with
  • Doesn’t burn fingers or scalp
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Adds nice volume
  • Natural looking
  • Fast results

Travel Heated Rollers- Other Reviews

“The hair curlers are very surprising. I haven’t owned any since the ones I had back in the 90s. When I inboxed these, I read the instructions and realized that the awesome Velcro pouch their in heats up! So you just leave them in the pouch and plug them in. Within 90 seconds they were ready to use. I have very long and very thick hair. I can either use them all once for wavier curls, or I can heat them up and do two rounds, with parting my hair down the middle and using them two different times. This way, I get much tighter curls. Either way, the look is effortless and lasts very long in my hair. My favorite feature is how fast they heat up. I also love how the pouch and curlers themself are way smaller than the old school curlers. I would recommend these to everyone and I believe these cause no damage to my hair.”

“I wanted a new hot roller set for travel and this Remington Compact is perfect. Great curls with the Ionic and Ceramic rollers. The compact size makes it easy to store. The set of ten rollers is ideal and I can use them for large or medium curls. The best thing I like is the rollers are color coded and so are the J clips. I have fine hair and sometimes other rollers fell out because the clips didn’t hold well. I found no problem with these rollers and clips. The set heated up quickly and my hair came out with a loose curl, no frizz just a nice shine to it. I would recommend this set if your looking for a nice compact hot roller set.”

“I received the Compact ionic+ ceramic hot rollers to try out and give a review. I was very impressed! As their title says they are very compact, in a soft Velcro closing case. They heat up in 90 seconds. They are very easy to use, no burnt fingers or scalp. I have fine hair to the shoulder . I am blind and well over 65. I should mention that my hair is thinning out. I had no problem rolling my hair, they only need 15 minutes on the head. I admit mine were on a little longer since they are comfortable and light. I was very impressed when I took the rollers out. After a comb out my hair had volume and a nice wave on the ends. I haven’t used hot rollers in a very long time. I got tired of the waiting for them to heat up and then they were very hot to touch. I like the speedy heat up and the ease of curling my hair. I recommend the Compact ionic +ceramic hot rollers.”

“Remington Compact Ionic + Ceramic Hot Rollers. I love these hot curlers. I have very long, thick, straight hair. They heated up immediately. I didn’t think they were hot enough, but rolled them anyways… they worked great! It does the job I need of it and I have no complaints so far. Here’s the extra bonus, they curlers are super light weight and compact so it was easy to pack in my luggage. I am so happy with this product! Definitely recommend!”

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