Teami Reviews: Green Tea Mask

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Teami’s Green Tea Detox Face Mask is a mineral-rich facial mask that will leave your skin soft, renewed, and glowing. It is enriched with superfood nutrients such as bentonite clay, lemongrass, and organic matcha green tea that work to detoxify the skin of pores and impurities and replenish it. This mask is suitable for any skin type.

This makes my skin feel super soft, healthy, and refreshed. I found it extremely effective in brightening my skin tone and evening my complexion. I recommend to everyone reading this!

Teami Reviews: Green Tea Mask Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Nothing wrong with this product!

Best Qualities:

  • Leaves skin feeling and looking super soft, clean, and refreshed
  • Fast results- after one use you notice a clear improvement
  • Shrinks pores in an instant
  • Evens and smooths complexion
  • Feels very soft on skin
  • Hydrates and brightens skin
  • Smells amazing
  • Doesn’t make skin feel tight or dry after
  • Great for sensitive and oily skin

Teami Green Tea Mask: Other Reviews

“I had my doubts on the hype for this one and being on the pricier side I took forever to try this. I was not disappointed. This is amazing! My skin feels softer and looks brighter right after every use. Helps with zits too. Honestly impressed with this one. Ends up being a good investment since it helps with so many things in one”

“My skin normally gets super dried out by clay masks, but not with this one! I use it three times a week and have SERIOUSLY noticed a difference in my skin. My acne has cleared 100% since using this!”

“I have super sensitive skin and am always leery about trying new skincare products. This combo is amazing. My skin is literally squeaky clean after using the scrub, and the mask brings out a brightness that defies my age. ;-)”

“Great on my skin and is very smooth. This mask help me with my acne, my skin look smooth and clear. This product is very good and I strongly recommend it.”

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