Thrive Causemetics: Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

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This award-winning and best-selling liquid mascara will transform your lashes to create the gorgeous look of lash extensions in an instant without clumping, smudging, or flaking. This mascara will also result in long term benefits for your eyelashes by moisturising, strengthening, and stimulating growth to make your lashes look fuller, longer, and healthier.

There are many differing opinions about this mascara, however, I truly believe that anyone who has had a bad experience 100% did not apply it or use it in the correct way. This is the type of product you have to really understand and read into before you use it. Once you read and follow the tips that I learned from trying out this product, you will be sure to get positive results.

Thrive Causemetics: liquid lash extensions mascara Critisms & Best Qualities


  • I really cant think of a major criticism for this product (as long as you are using it the correct way)
    • If you’re getting negative results with clumping and flaking, you are NOT using it correctly, make sure to read my recommendations down below


  • Unlike a normal mascara (since this one is more similar to lash extensions), when you take this mascara off it will literally glide right off your eyelashes
    • This might be weird for you if you’re not used to it but it is actually much better for your lashes than a normal mascara because when it comes off it leaves your lashes much softer, does not leave any residue, and will result in healthier lashes overtime
    • You should dampen your lashes before and then gently pull them off
    • You might also want to rub a cream cleanser on your lashes and then rinse, this will remove it quickly and completely. Otherwise it could be flaky when you are taking it off
  • This is a general tip for any mascara but definitely do not apply another layer once the previous layer has already dried because it will clump!
    • If you want to apply more than one coat make sure you do it right away since this mascara dries extremely quickly
    • Another general mascara tip: if you are using a eyelash curler, curl your lashes before you apply the mascara as it will damage your lashes if you apply it after
  • After a while of owning this mascara you may notice it gets a little dry or clumps more, all you have to do is put it somewhere warm like a purse or a pocket and it will warm up and return to normal
  • It might take you a little while to get used to this product and you may have to try different applying methods that suit you best since this is not your typical mascara. However, once you get the hang of it and know what you’re doing I guarantee that you will love this product

Best Qualities:

  • Actually enhances your eyelashes over time, Lengthening claims are real and apparent!
  • When used the right way it does not clump, smudge, or flake
  • Conditions your lashes
  • Curls and separates lashes
  • Finished results look exactly like lash extensions
  • Waterproof
  • Very easy to take off
  • Beeswax free
  • High-quality packaging
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