Too Faced Natural Nudes Palette

Too Faced: Born This Way The Natural Nudes Shadow Palette

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This eyeshadow Palette contains 16 Gorgeous natural looking and modern nude shades that are highly pigmented and have a range of beautiful colours and finishes. They’re infused with ingredients that are cruelty free and healthy for your skin such as hyaluronic acid, coconut water, and more.

This palette was an overall win for me. To start with, the colours are absolutely stunning. 16 gorgeous shades for $45.00 is a really great deal. My favorite thing about this product is how the palette is arranged, with each matte paired with a shimmer, sparkle, or metallic shade that compliments it. The way the shades are paired together makes it much easier to create nice eyeshadow looks. There are a range of beautiful colours such as rose, beige, ivory, gold, and various finishes. Additionally, the placement and set up of the tones is very convenient and appealing, starting with the lightest shades to the right getting darker to the left of the palette. This palette contains all of the perfect neutral shades to create a very modern and natural look.

There were, however, some aspects that bothered me about this palette that make it slightly inconvenient. There are solutions which I will explain that require a little more effort from your part.

Too Faced Natural Nudes Palatte Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • I was annoyed because the shimmer shades were more sparkly and chunky rather than shimmery, and there is also fallout
    • After being frustrated with this I read more reviews on the product to see if people had the same issue. One person addressed the same problem so I tried the solution they came up with which worked for me
    • Basically, to apply the shimmer shades best you should wet a brush with setting spray and then dip into the shimmer shades. First get rid of the excess moisture, then you should really press it onto your eyelids, it is best applies with your fingers rather than a brush. You should start small and little by little put more
    • This should give it a much more shimmery look
  • The packaging is a little cheap for the price
  • For some of the shades it just takes some extra effort to make them blend nicely and not look too patchy

Best Qualities:

  • 16 stunning colours
  • Nice and organised palette arrangement
  • Shades look gorgeous on warm/fair skin
  • Most shades blend very well
  • Although the packaging is on the cheap side, it is thin and lightweight making it convenient and easy to carry around or store
  • Amazing pigmentation of most shades
  • The matte shades are much larger than the shimmery/glittery shades which is perfect since I use them more
  • Long-lasting & does not fade
  • Contains a high quality mirror inside and a guide booklet which makes this a great palette for beginners
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