Too Faced Lip Injection

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This plumping lip gloss will instantly make your lips look fuller and plump with a tingling sensation. This clear pink tint gives your lips a beautiful and glossy while leaving them feeling smooth and soft with ingredients such as avocado oil and vitamin E.

This is by far the most effective lip plumper I have purchased, it does it’s job instantly making you look like you just had lip injections while giving your lips a gorgeous and glossy shine.

Too Faced Lip Injection Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • I have no personal complaints, just a disclaimer: you should read and understand what this product does to create the lip plumping effect before you purchase- it might not be for people with really sensitive lips
    • This product will sting and make your lips red at first because that is what it is supposed to do and what should happen in order for it to be effective, it may be alarming but is not bad for you in any way!
    • This happens because it dilates the blood vessels which in turn plump up your lips

Best Qualities:

  • Noticeable affects- actually plumps lips in an instant
  • Really looks like lip injections
  • Gives lips a gorgeous glossy and shiny look
  • Long-wearing
  • Pleasant scent
  • Long-lasting- you only need to apply a little to make a difference

Too Faced Lip Injection: Other Reviews

“I absolutely love this product. I’ve been using Too Faced Lip Injection for years and have loved it, so I was ecstatic when they came out with colors! Firstly, my lips look sooo full and plump when I use this stuff, and the gloss adds a lovely shine. Secondly, the Strawberry Kiss color is absolutely beautiful! The color is not too over powering, it’s a nice subtle, but still noticeable, color. Lastly, I love this product because this lip plumper is one of the few lip plumpers I’ve used that doesn’t absolutely burn my lips. There’s a slight tingle for a bit after applying this product but it’s nothing unbearable. I think it’s important to remember that this product is NOT lip injections so you really can’t expect the results of ACTUAL lip injections. Yes this plumps your lips and makes them look fuller but it’s not going to be some amazing-miracle-lip changing product in a tube. That aside, I highly recommend this product!”

“Please read this review because it will truly help you understand this product I have been using it for the last 3 year so pay attention ladies ❤️. 1. If you are a first time user test the product on your arm to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction. 2. This product really does work! You get sort of a tingling feeling but it’s a good feeling. 3. Wear it alone with no make up and it’ll add to your look, the very first time I tried this I recorded myself putting it on and it worked right before my eyes. If I had this video I would post it but it was a long time ago. 4. How to wear this under lipstick? Buy the clear one, first prep your skin for make up then apply the lip plumper. Leave it on while you do your entire make up because if you put this on first and then accidentally run this on another part of your face while doing your prepping. Then, you’ll notice it where it was accidentally dragged because skin gets red but it’s ok make up will cover it and it’s not a negative affect. I just learned to avoid this. Last but not lease when you are finish with your make up and you’re ready to do your lips take off the excess lip plumper before applying your lipstick and then apply your lipstick or whatever it is you do. It’s ok to remove it after having it on for a while it takes me 30 mins to do my make up and by the time I am done my lips are plumpest and it last all day! 5. It does have a lasting affect if you are consistent even when I don’t wear make up I put this on after my morning routine and after a little while if I skip for a day or two my lips actually look plump. I don’t have the smallest lips but it’s noticeable and I’ve had people ask if I got my lips done y’all about extreme lip injection! I really hope this helps you ignore the low rated reviews if someone’s skin reacts bad it’s not a reason to give a bad review it just means they are allergic to an ingredient and they should’ve read it and it it’s a first time reaction then find out what it was!”

“This is a great product! Honestly, I expect the tingle and burn of lip plumping, but this stuff you can absolutely feel working. It leaves a chapped feeling for about 10-15 minutes. Minus that small burden…this stuff works 100%. My lips get full and plump! I get many compliments, when I wear it on my lips! It’s not a sticky gloss. It feels good after you get past that first 15 minutes. Overall I will be purchasing more when I run out of this. Great product. Too Faced is also a very reliable brand. 10/10 would purchase again. Just know if you can’t deal with the tingle or burn, perhaps get a less prestigious brand. It won’t stop me from buying it because it works, but I let a friend try it and she wiped it off after 5 minutes because she couldn’t handle the burn. I hope this helps!!”

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