Tula Skincare Reviews

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Tula’s Exfoliating Sugar Scrub contains healthy ingredients including probiotics, sugar, papaya, and pineapple, which will exfoliate your skin leaving it super soft and radiant. Probiotics will lock in moisture and soothe inflammations, and the superfoods like sugar, papaya, and pineapple will further hydrate and brighten the skin.

This is a wonderful exfoliator contained with really healthy ingredients for your skin. I noticed right away it made my skin very smooth, soft, and radiant. It does exactly what it promised, I just wish the container was longer lasting for the price.

Tula Skincare Reviews Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Only downside to this product is the little amount- not very long lasting

Best Qualities:

  • Makes face feel very soft and hydrated
  • Leaves skin looking smooth and glowing
  • Truly exfoliates skin
  • Amazing fresh smell
  • Applies well- froths up well and melts right into your skin
  • Makes skin clean refreshed and calm
  • Gentle- doesn’t cause any irritation

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