ULG: Hair Thinning Scissors- Texturizing Shears

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These thinning scissors are made with sharp blades and thinning edges which help easily and evenly thin out hair without causing any damage or split ends. These are made with a mirror polish finish and blue stones giving it a 20%-25% thinning rate. It is very comfortable to use, suitable for anyone, and will add texture to hair as well.

I used these amazing thinning scissors a few years ago when my hair was way too thick and unmanageable. These truly worked wonders for my hair! It made it so much lighter and easier to deal with without causing any breakage or split ends at all. I highly recommend to anyone who struggles with uncontrollably thick hair!

ULG Hair Thinning Scissors- Texturizing Shears- Criticisms & Best Qualities


  • Very sharp- be careful!

Best Qualities:

  • Effectively thins out hair
  • Perfect for ridiculously thick hair
  • Cuts hair very nicely
  • Fast results
  • Great for wig owners
  • Very sturdy
  • High quality
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great for beginners

ULG Hair Thinning Scissors- Texturizing Shears- Other Reviews

“I use these scissors about every 2 weeks to extend my haircuts. I have extremely thick hair that is cut in layers. These scissors work to thin out the hair and extend the time between haircuts. My hairdresser thinks I am crazy for cutting my own hair, but I think it actually looks pretty good when I finish! Beware that these scissors are sharp (which also makes them cut hair very nicely). I seem to get a small cut on my hand every time I use these. I’m sure it’s due to user error, but I wanted to warn the rookies out there.”

“Thins my thick curly hair! My hair dresser uses these each time I get a trim. My hair is ridiculously thick. I bought these in hopes i could thin it myself sometimes too. I had my bf do it and he was worried he was doing it wrong but in the end he thinned it fine and holy crap it works! I uploaded a pic of how my hair typically is and a pic of my wad ;)”

“Conclusion: these are worth every penny! I love them! Total game changer. Nothing like the crap quality that I have bought at beauty stores.
I have bought hair thinning scissors in the past… The ones from Sally for $7-$10. I have super thick hair (ladies, not everyone desires to have or needs extensions). And I ALWAYS deal with frizzy, crappy hair afterwards. So I learned how to thin it out starting below my neck.
Anyways, I still dealt with crappy results but it was still better because my hair wasn’t nearly as heavy. But these are a game changer! I still do the same hair thinning “pattern.” These don’t cause frizz or leave my hair crappy for the next few days (until it decides to adjust and goes back to normal).”

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